Vocal Training in Indian Classical Music

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February 17, 2015
Indian Classical Music
Ahmedabad, Memnagar, 380052
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Dear Mr. Kumar, I am Dr. Kunal Pal mailing from Kestopur, Kolkata -59. I am 29 year old, completed my Ph.D. in Chemistry from Austria and currently staying at home in kolkata. Apart from science I am also interested in music, singing in particular. I have approximately 3 years of vocal training in western classical/pop music which i received in Austria. I have some basic knowledge of Ragas and the indian classical system by the virtue of leraning instrumental music as a teenager in Kolkata. I have knowledge of Music theory in general as followed both in Indian and Western system. I would like to get introduced to vocal techniques and singing in Indian Classical system and would humbly request your tutelage in this regard. If your busy schedule allows, I would be looking forward to your reply in this regard. Your curriculum vitae as I can see in the www.thinkvidya.com site is inspiring enough to learn under your tutelage. (I am ready to travel to receive lessons. I donot have any accompaniment like harmonium etc at home at the moment, my stage piano I have left behind in austria...but if required i can buy something as per your recommendation. ) Thanking with anticipation, Kind regards, Kunal.