General Knowledge Questions and Answers :-

Indian History

GK related to Indian history. Ancient Indian history, medieval history and Modern Indian history questions and answers or Indian history quiz.

General Science

Related to general science which we use in our day to day life.

World History

General Knowledge Questions and answers related World history.


Geography GK which is commonly asked in various competitive examinations in India and the world.

Famous Personalities

About world known people, their work and offices and etc. which asked in many quiz competitions.

Days and Years

This section of questions and answer is asked in almost every competitive examinations. find Days, Date and time Quiz.

Books and Authors

Books and authors series you can find lots of questions about books and authors around the worlds.

Discovery & Inventions

Related to discovery or inventions by someone. This is also a very famous topics in GK.


Economics from India and the World are present here.


In this section you will get all the Questions and Answers related to technology around the world. As we all know we live in technology world and we should be aware of these questions.


Most interesting GK questions and answers is sports and you will find all GK questions related to all sports and sportsman, Athletes.

Places in worlds

In this you will find all the Q and A about Places in the world, famous places, Places known for, Cities famous names GK type questions and answers.

World Organisations

There are many organization around the world and in this you will find Quiz queries related to that.

Worlds Monuments

In this chapter we will learn about world famous monuments or buildings. Also know the interesting and important facts about the monuments in the description.

Arts and Culture

Looking for objective types of Q and A on arts and culture around the world? If yes this is your section.

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