Which of the following types of Laticifiers is seen in Cannabis

Options :
  1. Articulated anastomosing Laticifiers
  2. Articulated non anastomosing Laticifiers
  3. Non articulated Laticifiers
  4. None of these
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 3


Latex containing cells are called Laticifiers. On the basis of their structure they are grouped into two classes - Articulated and Non articulated. Articulated laticifiers are of two types, anastomosing and non anastomosing. In the former type, the tubes are connected with earch other e.g. Hevea. whereas in the latter they are not connected with each other. eg. Musa, Achras. Non articulated laticifiers arise from a single cell which becomes multinucleate. eg. Nerium, Calotropis, Euphorbia, Cannabis etc.

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