Which of the following represents 'External phloem'

Options :
  1. Abaxial phloem
  2. Adaxial phloem
  3. Intraxylary phloem
  4. Concentric phloem
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 1


In many angiospermic families like apocynaceae, convolvulaceae, compositae, cucurbitaceae, myrtaceae etc. it is possible to differentiate two groups of phloem, external and internal (with respect to xylem). The external phloem is also called abaxial phloem and the internal as adaxial. The term internal phloem has been used for what has been called intraxylary phloem. Similarly the term extraxylary or perixylary phloem may have the same meaning as the external phloem

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