If the earth is at one fourth of its present distance from the sun, the duration of the year will be

Options :
  1. 1/2 the present year
  2. 1/4 to present year
  3. same as present
  4. 1/8 the present year
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 4


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By: Bhuvan On: Apr/19/2015

- Total distance earth travel in 1 year ,let say d = 2(pi)r , where r : distance from sun to earth
- If the current distance from sun to earth is reduced by 1/4 then new distance = d` = 2(pi)(r/4) = d/4
- time = distance/speed.
If we make a assumption that speed of earth (revolution) remains constant , then the new time taken is 1/4th of earlier time. ( 1/4 of a year)
- So , I conclude option 2 is correct.

Note : I`m not a physicist. There is high chance my assumption might be wrong.

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By: Shambhavi On: Feb/18/2017

According to Keplers third law of planetary motion, "the square of the period of revolution of a planet around the sun is proportional to the cube of the semi major axis of the ellipse".
Let T1 and R1 be original time period and radius of revolutions of Earth''s orbit around Sun and
T2 and R2 be the time period and radius after the distance between Sun and Earth is R1/4

T1/T2 = ?([R/4]3)/?(R3) = 1/(8)

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