If a shell fired from a cannon explodes in mid air, its total

Options :
  1. momentum increases
  2. momentum decreases
  3. kinetic energy increases
  4. None of the above
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 3


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By: pradyumna On: Nov/27/2013

Some energy is produced in the

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By: mekibul On: Jan/03/2016

According to Newton''s second law of motion when the mass of a moving object decreases , then a force is genereted. Numerically, F= v dm/dt.
When a shell is explode from a canon the mass of the shell decreases. As a result a force is produced which accelerate the shell( F= ma . another form of Newton''s second law). When the shell accelerate its velocity gradually increases and therefore K.E(.= 1/2 mv*2 ) also increases. Similar principle is used in rocket propulsion.

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