What following type of material should be used for the safety fuse?

Options :
  1. One with high resistance and high melting point
  2. One with high resistance and low melting point
  3. One with low resistance and high melting point
  4. One with low resistance and low melting point

Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 2


A safety fuse is a short piece of resistance wire having high resistivity and low melting point and is connected in main circuit for safety of electric appliances. Ordinarily a fuse is made of lead-tin alloy. When the current flowing in the main circuit is more than permissible value of current, the fuse wire gets heated to high temperature due to its high resistance and melts immediately due to its low melting point. This is called burning of fuse. Due to melting of fuse, the circuit is cut off and so the electric appliances remain safe.

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