In which of the following years was the first partition of Bengal done during the British rule in India?

Options :
  1. 1885
  2. 1903
  3. 1905
  4. 1908
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 3


On July 20th 1905, the first partition of Bengal along religious lines was approved in London by the Secretary of State of India. The decision to partition the state of Bengal was announced by Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India under British rule in July 1905. This partition came into effect in October 1905 and divided the Muslim majority of eastern Bengal from the Hindu majority of the western part of the state. Indians were livid at this decision and referred to it as "divide and rule" by the British, who were trying to turn Indians against each other. Curzon denied this saying that this was being done for ease of administration. Bengali Hindus, who held a strong foothold in business and in the rural areas, complained that the partition of Bengal would make them a minority in their state, which would ultimately be incorporated with Bihar and Orissa. With the partition, Muslims founded their own national organizations, though Bengali Hindus were unhappy with this arrangement. In 1911, Bengal was reunited keeping in mind the Bengali sentiment, but this caused unhappiness among Bengali Muslims who benefited from the partition of the state. This resentment among Muslims lasted till 1947, when the state of Bengal was partitioned again.

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By: pitaliyakanak On: Jan/30/2015


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By: pitaliyakanak On: Jan/30/2015


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