'Father of Indian Renaissance' was a title associated with which of the following leaders of society?

Options :
  1. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  2. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  3. Lala Lajpat Rai
  4. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 4


Raja Ram Mohan Roy is regarded as the" Father of the Indian Renaissance". Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a founder (with Dwarkanath Tagore and other Bengali Brahmins) of the Brahma Sabha in 1828 which engendered the Brahmo Samaj, an influential Indian socio-religious reform movement. His influence was apparent in the fields of politics, public administration and education as well as religion. He is best known for his efforts to abolish the practice of sati, the Hindu funeral practice in which the widow was compelled to sacrifice herself on her husband's funeral pyre. It was he who first introduced the word "Hinduism" into the English language in 1816. For his diverse contributions to society, Raja Ram Mohan Roy is regarded as one of the most important figures in the Bengal Renaissance. His efforts to protect Hinduism and Indian rights by participating in British government earned him the title "The Father of the Bengal Renaissance" or "The Father of the Indian Nation."

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