Among the following trees which one is of hardwood variety?

Options :
  1. Fir
  2. Mahogany
  3. Pine
  4. Spruce
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 2


Fir, Pine and Spruce are all various types of softwood trees. Mahogany is the name applied to several tropical hardwood trees. The typical mahogany tree is an evergreen tree that reaches a height of 100 feet (30 m) and has a trunk measuring 3 to 5 feet (0.9 to 1.5 m) in diameter at the base. The leaves are shaped like feathers and the small white flowers grow in clusters. The fruit, a woody capsule about four inches (10 cm) long, contains two-inch (5-cm) winged seeds. Mahogany wood is golden to reddish brown, close-grained, and fine-textured. It is extremely strong, of medium weight and hardness, and is little affected by termites or decay organisms. The wood is easy to work and takes a beautiful finish. Mahogany is used for building boats and for furniture construction and veneers.

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