Which of the following British Governor-Generals was associated with the Local-Self-Government Act?

Options :
  1. Lord Cornwallis
  2. Lord William Bentick
  3. Lord Dalhousie
  4. Lord Ripon
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 4


Government and its functions may be classified into National, Provincial or State and Local. The administration of a locality or small community such as village, town or a city, by the body representing the local inhabitants, possessing a fairly large amount of autonomy, raising a part at least of its revenue through local taxation and spending the proceeds on services, is called Local Self- Government. Lord Ripon is known to have granted the Indians first taste of freedom by introducing the Local Self Government in 1882. His scheme of local self government developed the Municipal institutions which had been growing up in the country ever since India was occupied by the British Crown. He led a series of enactments in which larger powers of the Local self government were given to the rural and urban bodies and the elective people received some wider rights.

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