Which of the following persons of historical importance wrote the 'Shahnama'?

Options :
  1. Alberuni
  2. Amir Khusro
  3. Abul Fazl
  4. Firdausi
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 4


The 'Shahnama' is a long epic poem written by the Persian poet Firdausi between 977 and 1010 A.D. and is the natural epic of Iran (Persia) and the Persian-speaking world. Consisting of some 50,000 verses, the 'Shahnama' tells mainly the mythical and to some extent the historical past of the Persian Empire from the creation of the world until the Islamic conquest of Persia in the 7th century. Today Iran, Persian speakers of the neighbouring nations such as Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and the greater region influenced by the Persian culture celebrate this national epic.

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