Due to the efforts of which of the following rulers Buddhism became a worldwide religion?

Options :
  1. Bindusara
  2. Ashoka
  3. Kanishka
  4. Harsha
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 2


Emperor Ashoka (304-232 BC) was the third king of the Maurya Dynasty. He ruled a truly massive kingdom that stretched from the Hindu Kush to the Bay of Bengal. It was India's first great empire. Remorseful after his bloody campaign and conquest of Kalinga, Ashoka embraced Buddhism. In his efforts to propagate Buddhism, Ashoka built shrines and monasteries and inscribed Buddhist teachings on rocks and pillars in many places. He sent missionaries to countries as remote as Greece and Egypt; his own son, a monk, carried Buddhism to Sri Lanka, where it is still the major religion.

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