The electrolyte of an ordinary dry cell comprises of which one among the following?

Options :
  1. Sulphuric acid
  2. Manganese dioxide
  3. Ammonium chloride
  4. Zinc
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 3


Dry cell batteries are one of the most commonly used types for flashlights, watches, cameras and other battery-powered devices. Dry cell batteries are different from wet cells because their electrolytes are contained in a low-moisture paste, while a wet cell has electrolytes contained in a liquid, hence the difference in names. The ordinary dry cell is a zinc-carbon battery, sometimes called the dry Leclanche cell (named after the French inventor), is a battery packaged in a zinc can that serves as both a container and negative terminal. The positive terminal is a carbon rod surrounded by a mixture of manganese dioxide and carbon powder. The electrolyte used is a paste of Zinc chloride and Ammonium chloride dissolved in water.

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