Match the following parts with the quantities involved in steady flow processes that define them- Table I Table II 1) Boiler A) Heat transvered 2) Condenser B) Change in Enthalpy 3) Turbine C) Work done 4) Nozzle D) Change in Kinetic Energy 5) Evaporator E) Change in Potential Energy

Options :
  1. 1- A,C,B 2- A,C,B 3- C,B,D 4- D,C,A,B 5- A,B,C,E
  2. 1- B,A 2- B,A 3- B,C 4- B,D 5- B,A
  3. 1- B,A 2- B,A 3- B,C 4- B,C,D 5- B,A,C
  4. 1- A,C,B 2- A,C,B 3- C,B,D,E 4- D,C,A,B 5- A,B,C,E
Answer and Explanation :-

Answer: Option 2


In Boiler, Condenser and Evaporator, all the heat added or rejected is equal to the change in enthalpy. In Turbine, the change in enthalpy is used produce work. In Nozzle, the change in enthalpy is used to increase the kinetic energy of the fluid stream.

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